Aquarii is an iPad app created to help people manage their aquariums and track their evolution. Published in 2014, I've maintained and enhanced it since.

The Lantern

The goal is to create a kind of relaxation scene,(not released yet).


A command-line tool for static blog generation, used for my blog. Thoth parses Markdown articles before formatting them using HTML templates, combining them and handling images data.


Cataliste is a simple to-do app, where you manage your tasks using a set of simple commands, either within the app or through a command-line tool.

SCNTechnique Tutorial

A tutorial on the Scene Kit SCNTechnique class with multiple application examples, from Sobel filter to SSAO.

Face Projection Mapping

A group project realized during the Digital Geometry Processing 2015 course at EPFL. We performed 3D reconstruction and texturing of our faces from photos, before animating and projecting them on a foam head model.

Markov Letters

A quick experiment with Markov random fields, where new letters are generated using a dictionary of patches extracted from existing letters.

Older projects

My older creations and projects, from 2014 and before.